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Does this election year stoke your anxiety?    So many people I see discuss their powerlessness and sense of hopelessness as they consider the future of the country.   Did you know that it’s normal to worry about things that seem uncertain?  It is adaptive behavior because we are wired to appraise whether or not a situation is potentially harmful to us.   It is our natural defense mechanisms kicking in.  However, sometimes this natural tendency can move into rumination and possibly pathological anxiety.  Certainly talking about this with someone who is trained to help you self regulate is helpful. I teach clients frequently how to identify the common thinking distortions that keep them on the proverbial gerbil wheel in the head.  Learning to exercise spiritual practices also are very beneficial.  Some people have utilized spiritual readings and quotes to help mitigate their anxiety.  Developing a realistic appraisal of an event is critical in managing your anxiety.


Believe it or not, Yes.  A sex addict with at least 90 days of complete abstinence of any sexual behavior has usually “re-booted” their sexual template.  Masturbation should be part of their healthy sexual plan.  Here are the parameters: Masturbating no more than twice a week without any fantasizing.  In the Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) text, it discusses the 3 Circles.  This resembles a target with an outer circle, a middle circle an the inner circle.  The out circle represents behaviors that promote healthy sexual behavior.  The inner circle represents those behaviors that put a sexual addict at risk for acting out or relapsing back into the addiction, also known as slippery slopes.  The Inner Circle represents those behaviors that must be avoided at all costs, also known as bottom line behaviors.  For the recovering sex addict, masturbation can be part of each circle.  A recovering sex addict knows when their masturbation is moving into the unhealthy realm.  It is essential that the addict work a rigorously honest program and have the proper accountability in place.


Well, our website is finally up and running.  My wife, Avery, is moving into her private practice full-time on July 28. She is very excited and will be practicing from our Addison location.  I will be serving Denton and surrounding areas. I hope you will check out our website and the services we offer and lets us know what you think.  Hope to see you soon!